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Driven by quality, fueled by knowledge and customer servicethat's

Eric Howard, steered by his passion for power sports, founded in the basement of his mother's house. Racing everything from snowmobiles to dirt bikes was more than a hobby. Eric's weekends were spent fixing up his toys and keeping them in fighting shape for the roads, trails and waterways.

It was important to Eric to work with reputable sellers quality manufacturers and top suppliers and they weren't always easy to find.

Eric, known in the power sports community through his blog, developed a reputation among major distributors and manufacturers, fostering trust and strong business ties.

On the hunt for a partner who could help him harness his passion, Eric sought out entrepreneur Shmuel Gniwisch to help bring his hobby for power sports online. His goal was to create an online hub for premium power sports and accessoriesa place where buyers know they're buying a top quality product from a knowledgeable seller.

Gniwisch is the founder of, a pioneer in the e-commerce world. His business savvy, paired with Eric's industry insight has allowed to grow into the premier power sports and accessories online retailer in the United States.

Shmuel Gniwisch


Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative focus, Shmuel is the driving force behind a host of successful online businesses.

He was one of the founders of the largest online jewelry company, and was the driving force behind the Ice's meteoric growth. Shmuel learned early on the importance of building lasting customer relationships. He emphasizes customer service and relationship building, while delivering on the promise of quality. 

Happy customers equal a healthy company - that's Shmuel's mantra.

"With our combined experience and knowledge, we knew we could build new relationships with customers the world over, delivering genuine quality and value in an industry that demands it."

Eric Howard


For Eric, is a labour of love.

That's what happens when your passion becomes your business.

He started with motorcycles and ATVs. For years, Eric's weekends were consumed with tearing down and rebuilding his 1968 Triumph T100C Trophy 500. His search for the best brands and top accessories for his bikes was relentless. Here, was born.

Ask Eric why he started this business and the answer is simple. He's an enthusiast.

"This industry is built on enthusiasts and I'm humbled to serve this awesome community. I totally get them, because I'm one of them."

Eric's goal was to build a business with the best in class power sport parts and accessories. It's that same vision, powered by his desire to provide stellar customer service and top-notch products, sustaining

True to form, this enthusiast loves talking shop. You can reach Eric at 1-800-983-2210.